Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year...or...New Attempt at This Blog Thing

My kids have been asking me for quite some time now to , "Please update the bog." and "It's time for a new post, Mom!"

So, in keeping with my New Year's Resolution: Do a better job of keeping in touch with our fiends far and wide, this is my first official post of 2012.

It is currently -4F outside my window. It's cold here in the wicked north but lovely to look upon! Dinner is simmering on the stove (Thanks to the Professor) and I am slowing crawling my way out of a stack of Christmas decorations that have been collecting for far too many years. I'm weeding out as I sort. It hurts to part with things that were given with love. But, in keeping with another resolution: Simplify my Life!, I am forging ahead. Wish me luck!

If I survive, I'll be back again tomorrow.


Lainie said...

Welcome Back! We can't wait to see you XD

The Director said...

Oy! Yes, please pick the blogging back up Mrs. K! :D I want to read more Klusey adventures :D :D :D